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Going to the dentist is important, but for many people, it can be an uncomfortable experience. Sedation dentistry can make dental treatments more comfortable, particularly for those who are undergoing intensive procedures or may have anxiety about dental treatment. Mill Dam Dental offers Virginia Beach sedation dentistry for a more comfortable dental experience. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider a sedation dentist for your next appointment, as well as what to expect from an appointment with a sedation dentist.

1. Sedation Dentistry Makes Uncomfortable Procedures Easier.

These days, dentists have many techniques to help keep patients comfortable during treatment. However, there are certain dental treatments that will always feel uncomfortable or may even cause pain. This is particularly true for those who have sensitive teeth and gums. With sedation dentistry, you can have the treatment done without any pain or discomfort. You won’t have any memories of the procedure afterward, and your dental team will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Even if you don’t have anxiety about going to the dentist, your dentist may recommend sedation dentistry for an intensive procedure to keep you more comfortable.

2. Sedation dentistry can help you overcome your fear of going to the dentist.

Many people have feelings of fear and anxiety around going to the dentist that lead them to put off important dental treatment. There are many reasons for this – maybe they had a bad experience with a dentist as a child, or maybe they are scared of the unknown. Sedation dentistry can help you overcome the fear you have of going to the dentist, so that you can get the dental care you need and have a healthy mouth.

Before your treatment, you can talk to your dentist about your fears and concerns, and they can help you choose the appropriate level of sedation. With sedated appointments, you’ll start to feel more comfortable going to the dentist over time. Getting regular dental care is important, as it helps to prevent chronic issues later in life. When you’ve been sedated, you won’t remember your dental appointments, so you won’t further develop a fear of being in the dentist’s chair. This is one of the few cases where amnesia can actually be a good thing.

3. Sedation dentistry makes procedures much easier for the dentist.

Not only is sedation dentistry helpful for the patient, but it can be very helpful for the dentist as well. Many people have a strong gag reflex that can prohibit the dentist from working efficiently in the patient’s mouth. Those with sensitive gums and teeth may also find themselves tensing up during a dental appointment, which can also make it difficult for the dentist to work effectively. When a patient is sedated, their gag reflex won’t kick in, and there’s less muscle resistance in general. This gives the dentist easier access to your mouth, so they can get the procedure done much more quickly. Because of this, many dentists actually prefer to work with patients who have been sedated.

4. Sedation dentistry is helpful for children as well as adults who have special needs.

It can be very difficult to get your little one to stay still in the dentist’s chair for a long appointment. Many children also feel fearful of going to the dentist, particularly if they’ve never been before. If your child needs a complex dental procedure that goes beyond a basic checkup, sedation dentistry can be very helpful for them. Both parent and child will feel more comfortable, and the dentist will be able to get the procedure done much more quickly.

Sedation dentistry is also a great choice for those who are on the autism spectrum or who have other disorders. Without sedation, a dental visit can be very overwhelming for these patients, with bright lights, new sounds, and potentially uncomfortable sensations. Sedation dentistry can help those who struggle with hypersensitivity to feel much safer and more comfortable at the dentist, so they can get the care they need.

5. Sedation dentistry allows you to get procedures done much more quickly.

Dental procedures can take much longer to complete when the patient is awake. This is because the dentist may encounter a strong gag reflex or other resistance from the patient. With sedation dentistry, the dentist can work much more quickly. This means that a procedure that normally takes two to three visits can be completed in one. As a patient, this means you’ll recover more quickly, and you’ll get to spend less time in the dentist’s chair and more time relaxing.

What To Expect From Sedation Dentistry

Before going into your first sedation dentistry appointment, it’s important to know what to expect. This can help quell any anxiety you might have about going to the dentist. During a sedation dentistry visit, your dentist will use medication to sedate you. There are many different approaches to sedation dentistry, and you and your dentist can work together to choose the right option for you. Before a sedation dentistry procedure, you’ll typically have a consultation with your dentist to go over what’s going to happen. Sedation dentistry can make your dental experience better by creating a more comfortable experience.

There are a few different ways that your dentist can sedate you. The method they use will depend on your personal comfort level as well as the type of procedure you are having. With each method, the dentist can also numb the area around your mouth to reduce pain. Here are the most common forms of sedation and what to expect from each.

Oral Sedation

With oral sedation, your dentist will give you a pill to help you relax. Halcion and Valium are the drugs that are most commonly used for oral sedation. Your dentist will determine the appropriate dose of the pill depending on how you are feeling and how much they need you to relax. In some cases, you may only feel mildly relaxed, while in other cases, you’ll be much more sedated. You likely won’t have any memory of the procedure afterward, but you won’t be entirely ‘knocked out’.

During a dental procedure where you are orally sedated, you will have some awareness of what is happening around you. You also should be able to communicate with your dentist. This makes it a good choice for procedures where the dentist may need to communicate with you at any point. Oral sedation is also helpful for those that don’t feel comfortable being completely sedated, but want to be very relaxed.

With oral sedation, you’ll be given a pill shortly before the procedure begins. Once you’re relaxed, the dentist will begin. You’ll need to have someone else pick you up from the dentist, as you will likely be too sleepy to drive. You will also feel groggy for the rest of the day, so you should plan to take it easy.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, which is commonly known as laughing gas, is another good option for those who might not feel comfortable going all the way ‘under’, but still want to be relaxed during the procedure. With this sedation strategy, a mask will go over your nose that delivers a flow of nitrous oxide and oxygen. You can remove the mask as needed if you’re feeling uncomfortable with the level of sedation. You can also communicate with your dentist about the amount of sedation you would like.

Once you have the mask on, you’ll start to feel relaxed very quickly. This is a great way to relieve mild anxiety that you may have about going to the dentist. Nitrous oxide may leave you feeling slightly groggy afterwards, but it should wear off quickly. In some cases, you may even be able to drive yourself home afterwards.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is the strongest form of sedation available at the dentist. In this scenario, the dentist will insert an IV into a vein in your arm, which will deliver drugs to knock you out completely. You won’t have any memory of the procedure and will be completely ‘under’ for the duration of the appointment. Afterwards, you will need someone to drive you home, and you will feel groggy for several hours.

IV sedation is often the best choice for long dental procedures, or procedures that can trigger a gag reflex. It’s also very effective for those who have high levels of anxiety about going to the dentist and want to avoid any memory of the procedure. Since IV sedation is so strong, you’ll want to talk to your dentist about it in advance to make sure you know what to expect.

There are so many advantages to choosing sedation dentistry, not just for you, but also for your dentist. You’ll have a more comfortable experience, and your dentist will be able to work faster and more efficiently. Many people associate sedation dentistry with dental surgery, but we can also sedate you even for a routine appointment. Mill Dam Dental is the top sedation dentist in Virginia Beach. Contact us today to learn more about our services.