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Tooth Extractions Virginia Beach

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes teeth can become so decayed, or even worse can crack or break. When this happens, Tooth Extractions Virginia Beach are almost always necessary. Removing a tooth completely is always the last resort, but sometimes it is the only option. We have continually evolved our processes over the years with new technology to ensure that this operation is as comfortable and seamless as possible. Some people may have anxiety or other issues that may make them want to be sedated. Luckily for you, we are Hampton roads best sedation dentistry and can put you under if it would make you feel more comfortable.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth can grow in and fit perfectly in your jaw, or they can ruin your bite and cause a lot of issues. Even if a wisdom tooth grows in perfectly and does not interfere with your bite, it may still be necessary to remove because they can make teeth cleanings Virginia Beach hard, and may be prone to cavities. If a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, they may even cause cysts under the gum which can lead to other complications. Our digital X-Ray photos will allow us to track the growth of your wisdom teeth to determine the best time for tooth extractions Virginia Beach. Wisdom teeth are typically easy to remove, and don’t require an excessive amount of time.

Simple Extractions vs. Surgical Extractions

Simple extractions of teeth are the most common procedure done in the U.S. Simple extractions are when the tooth is not impacted and the tooth is visible above the surface of the gum. When the tooth is still under the surface of the gum, or is impacted, the tooth must be surgically extracted. Surgical extractions, unlike simple extractions typically require stitches to be placed in order to close the gap.  Depending on the extraction, you may be prescribed prescription medication to help relieve the pain for the days following the procedure.

Reasons for Surgical Extractions

Using an X-Ray will allow us to take images and determine which type of tooth extraction Virginia Beach you need to remove a specific tooth. Simple extractions may turn into surgical extractions during the procedure if the tooth breaks, or comes out in pieces. The most common type of surgical extraction are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are typically impacted, and require the gums to be cut open in order to reach the tooth. This may sometimes require cutting of bone as well. Some other instances where surgical extractions are necessary include extraction of teeth with long curved roots and teeth that are worn out and decaying.

Tooth Extractions Virginia Beach

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Post-Extraction Instructions

After a tooth extraction, you will want to follow our instructions carefully to ensure your gums heal back properly. It is important to take care of your healing gums whether it is a regular or surgical extraction. Immediately after extraction, we will provide you with gauze pads to absorb, clot, and stop the bleeding from the extraction area. After you leave, you should try to avoid as much movement with your mouth as possible.

No eating, drinking, or excessive talking for the first couple of hours after extraction. Another important thing to remember is to stay hydrated with lots of water. When you go to eat again, try to pick foods that wont get stuck in your stitches/gums and also pick foods that wont hurt or cause bleeding. In most cases, you should brush or clean your teeth twice a day, however when you get an extraction done you should not brush for at least twelve hours after the extraction time. You may be afraid to have your teeth extracted, however today, modern dentist technology allows us to provide an operation that is painless and comfortable.

Wisdom Tooth Removal