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Teeth Cleaning Virginia Beach

Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing are important to prevent plaque and tartar build up, however it is important to periodically have a professional teeth cleaning done. Having your teeth cleaned by a dentist Virginia Beach removes plaque that can build up in areas you cannot clean. Over time, plaque that is left behind and poor oral hygiene can cause a variety of health problems. The problems can range from a simple cavity, which requires dental fillings Virginia Beach, or can be something more severe such as bone loss or gum disease. Good dental health is not only good for your mouth, it is also good for your overall general health.

How Often Should I have my Teeth Cleaned?

It is good practice to have your teeth professionally cleaned about every six months. Depending on factors such as age, current dental health, and dental problems you may need to visit more frequently. Along with dental cleaning, it is a good idea to annually have digital x-ray photos taken to ensure there are no hidden issues arising.

Deep Cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning Virginia Beach is one of the best ways to treat gum disease before it escalates into a more serious problem. Root Planing and Scaling cleans between your gums and teeth, all the way from the top of your teeth to the bottom. Certain conditions may cause the gums to recede away from the base of your teeth, and plaque may form at the roots of your teeth. When this happens it is best to have your teeth cleaned. It is vital to your dental hygiene and health to have your teeth cleaned on a regular six month basis.

Teeth Cleaning Virginia Beach

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Why Have my Deep Cleaning at Mill Dam Dental

We don’t just make great smiles, we have our own too. Our friendly staff is here to make your deep cleaning experience as comfortable as possible. We strive to make sure you are completely educated on everything we do, and  want you to you to get the most out of your Teeth Cleaning Virginia Beach. The staff at Mill Dam is here to answer any questions you have and wants you to leave our office feeling happy and confident about your dental hygiene and smile.

Negative Effects Of Not Cleaning Your Teeth

Most of the plaque and tartar in your mouth can be removed from regular teeth brushing and flossing. Bacteria and plaque are naturally present in the mouth. When you don’t regularly clean and remove plaque the layer of tartar will build up so thick that brushing will no longer remove it from the surface of the teeth.  If left untreated this can lead to serious dental problems including gingivitis and periodontitis. Saliva normally breaks down acids that are created by bacteria on the teeth, however if the plaque is too thick the saliva is unable to reach the surface of the teeth. This leaves the teeth susceptible to decay and at risk for other issues.

What is Gingivitis and Periodontitis?

Plaque contains bacteria that may become harmful to the gums if left for too long. Gingivitis is the inflammation of gum tissue due to bacteria build up on the teeth. This condition can cause bleeding gums, bad breathe, cavities, swollen gums, and more if left untreated. Periodontitis is also caused by bacteria build up in the plaque on teeth, but has far worse consequences. Periodontitis causes the supporting gum structure around the teeth to become weak, which can result in the loosening of teeth. In severe cases, it may even cause a tooth to completely come out.

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