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Laser Dentistry Virginia Beach

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

In many cases, lasers are used as an alternative to a traditional dental drill or surgical scalpel. The laser is typically used to cut or reshape tissues. The beam of the laser transmits the energy needed to complete these tasks, and in many cases it causes less pain than a traditional instrument. Lasers are extremely precise, so they give the dentist more control when working. 

At Mill Dam Dental, we use the Deka carbon dioxide laser for soft tissue procedures. Deka is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical lasers, and their products are used in thousands of practices around the world. This state-of-the-art laser is very efficient and is arguably the most effective way to manage gum disease. It uses micro-pulsed CO2 technology for precise and efficient treatments. It results in less invasive treatments and faster recovery times, helping gum disease patients achieve better oral health.

What Problems Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

There are so many different ways that we can use laser technology to treat oral health problems. Since dental lasers are a relatively new technology, we are still learning the full extent of what they can do. Here are some of the most common problems we treat using dental lasers. For some of these conditions, we use lasers in conjunction with other types of treatment to get the best possible results.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very common oral health problem that can be difficult to treat. We use lasers as part of this treatment to disinfect the gums by reducing bacteria and their toxins. The laser removes inflamed and damaged tissues around the gum line, and it also helps to remove plaque that has built up in this area. Not only can this help the patient’s gum heal from their current problems, but it also prevents future infections.


Lasers are one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted lesions on the mouth. The laser’s precision can remove the lesions so that it can be taken for a biopsy if needed.

Canker and Cold Sores

Both canker sores and cold sores are very common problems that can be treated with lasers. The laser treatment helps minimize the pain in the area around the sore, which helps the patient live more comfortably on a day-to-day basis. For those who have cold sores, the laser damages the virus that causes them. This means the patient will experience fewer outbreaks, and when they do, they will be less severe.

Speech Problems

 There are some instances where laser treatment may be able to help with speech problems. Speech problems are sometimes caused by structural problems in the mouth, and lasers can be used to correct this.

Newborn Breastfeeding Problems

A restrictive attachment under the tongue or inside the upper lip can prevent a baby from latching correctly to the breast, resulting in feeding problems which can lead to a host of health and behavioral issues.  Sometimes advice is given to the mother to change breastfeeding methods, when actually it is the physical inability of the baby to latch properly that is causing the problem. Commonly called tongue-tie, these interfering attachments can be cut with scissors or a scalpel, but instead of cutting, the carbon dioxide Deka laser vaporizes the tissue, resulting in less pain, little to no bleeding, and improved healing for the newborn.  It is the most advanced instrument available to correct tongue-ties.

Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

Lasers offer a number of unique benefits that you just won’t get with traditional dental equipment. Here are some of the reasons why many patients are switching to laser dentistry:

Minimal Pain

One of the biggest reasons why many people prefer laser treatments is because they are less painful than older, traditional instruments. Depending on what type of treatment you are getting, a strong topical can be used, so you will not require anesthesia. This can help people who are scared of going to the dentist feel more comfortable getting the treatment they need.

Faster Recovery Time

Another excellent advantage of laser technology is that the recovery time is much faster. Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding and swelling, especially during gum treatments. A faster recovery time means that patients can get back to their normal routines more quickly and with less pain

Less Risk of Infection

Some dental treatments do come with a small risk of infection during the healing process. With laser dentistry, the risk of infection is much lower, which minimizes the need for future treatments. A laser also reduces the risk of other serious complications that can happen during intensive treatment.

High Precision

The biggest reason to avoid surgery is because it is invasive. This surgery requires that you be put under anesthesia and put on pain medication for several days. Your mouth will most likely be bandaged, requiring that you change the bandages frequently and ice to minimize swelling. Since jaw mobility will be limited, it will be difficult to talk and you will most likely be required to stay a liquid diet. Because of the changes you have to be willing to make, it can be hard to participate in normal day-to-day activities. 

Not only is the surgery invasive but it can be a time consuming recovery. You will most likely have to stay home from work or school to be able to heal properly. Since this procedure is invasive and has a long recovery time, it is not a great option for everyone. It is possible there are other treatments for you that are less invasive using the DEKA CO2 Laser. 

How Much Does Laser Dentistry Cost?

The cost of laser dentistry will vary depending on a variety of different factors. Every treatment will have a different cost, and the amount of dental insurance coverage you have will also factor into the treatment as well. Before treatment, you will have a consultation with Dr. Leidy where you can get an idea of the overall price. During this consultation, he’ll also talk to you about what to expect during your treatment, side effects, necessary follow-up visits, and more. 

Laser treatment is typically more expensive than other traditional treatment methods. However, there are cases where a laser treatment might minimize the need for future care, which could result in lower costs over time. If you are struggling to pay for your laser dentistry treatment, talk to us about payment plans and other forms of financial support. Oral care is a very important part of your overall health, and you shouldn’t let cost get in the way of living a healthy life.

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Laser technology is revolutionizing the dental industry, making treatments more comfortable, efficient, and effective for patients. We’re proud to provide Deka laser treatments to our patients here at Mill Dam Dental. If you’re interested in learning more about laser dental treatment for yourself or a loved one, give us a call today.

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