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Root Canal Virginia Beach

One-Visit Root Canal Therapy

The hollow canal located inside of a tooth is called the “root.” Within each tooth there can be a single root, or there may be multiple. Inside of these canals are a mixture of blood vessels and nerves. These canals can become infected, which results in swelling, pain and abscesses. If left untreated, the infection can travel to other areas of the mouth.

A Root Canal Virginia Beach operation involves hollowing and cleaning out the canal inside the tooth root. Our Virginia Beach Dentist has been carrying out root canals for the past twenty years, and is one of the best practicing dentists in the area. Typically we are able to carry an entire Virginia Beach root canal procedure out in one single visit.

What is root canal therapy?

After all of the nerves, tissue, and vessels are removed from a canal, the entire tooth is disinfected. Once the tooth has been disinfected, it is filled with a material that solidifies the tooth again and prevents a root canal infection from happening again.  As a last step, a dental crown is applied to the tooth to ensure the tooth functions as it did before the operation.

Even with a dead root, the tooth can still be used because it is able to fuel off the surrounding areas. Having a root canal is better than getting an dental implant Virginia Beach in most cases because it retains the same shape and has the same biting ability as before.

Signs you need a root canal

There are many things that can cause discomfort and pain when biting, one of them is the need for a root canal procedure. If untreated, an infected root canal can cause severe pain. Another common symptom is sensitivity to cold and heat. Hot drinks, or cold water may cause a sharp pain when you drink. The base of the tooth may also be tender. You may notice the bottom of the root is more tender than other areas.

Root Canal Virginia Beach