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Root Canal Virginia Beach

One-Visit Root Canal Therapy

The hollow canal located inside of a tooth is called the “root.” Each tooth has a least one root, and some teeth have more than one. Inside of these canals is a mixture of blood vessels and nerves. When these canals become infected, they result in swelling, pain, and abscesses. If left untreated, the infection can travel to other parts of the mouth. 

When you get a Root Canal in Virginia Beach, we will hollow and clean out the canal inside the root. Our Virginia Beach Dentist has been giving root canals for more than twenty years and is highly skilled. Typically we are able to carry an entire Virginia Beach root canal procedure out in one single visit.

What is root canal therapy?

During this procedure, we remove all nerves, tissue, and vessels from the root canal. Then, we disinfect the tooth and fill the root canal with a solidifying material. This prevents a root canal from happening again. As a final step, we apply a dental crown to the tooth to ensure that it continues functioning properly. We prefer to give a root canal rather than a dental implant in Virginia Beach in most cases. This is because the tooth retains the same shape and ability to bite. 

Signs You Need A Root Canal

When you are in need of a root canal procedure, one of the first things you may notice is discomfort and pain when biting. When left untreated, an infected root canal can cause severe pain. Another common symptom is sensitivity to cold and heat, especially when eating and drinking. The base of the tooth may also feel more tender than other areas of your mouth. 

Root Canal Virginia Beach