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Digital X-Rays Virginia Beach

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Rays are a great way to help diagnose and find potential oral problems and complications. Digital X-Rays Virginia Beach are also emit less radiation and have great resolution, allowing us to get really high quality images of your jaw and teeth. Compared to older X-Ray systems, our digital X-ray is also much faster, which means less time spent at your dentist in Virginia Beach. When the pictures are taken, they are instantly sent to the computer for viewing.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

The benefits of using digital X-Rays Virginia Beach include reduced radiation exposure, more detailed images, and faster processing time. As we all know, radiation exposure in almost all forms is bad. Using a digital X-Rays allows us to reduce radiation exposure levels by half of that of an older system. Since the images are produced digitally, we can get better images than you would normally get from an X-Ray machine that uses print and is limited to around twenty shades. Having the images immediately means we don’t have to call you back or touch base with you later after the appointment is over.

The images are directly transferred to our computer so we can go over the images with you while you are at the appointment. Unlike film, we can also save the images for future reference to monitor how your bite and teeth change with time. This helps us in our analysis and decision making for future visits based on how your mouth is changing. Less time spent processing images also means we can spend more time with our patients, and also offer better prices for our clients because we are saving time and money from not having to print.

Why are Digital X-Rays Important

There are a lot of areas in your mouth that cant be observed without the use of an X-Ray. X-Ray images allow us to further understand the structure and issues involved with your bite and dental health. Over time, the X-Ray images will also allow us to compare for potential bone loss that may be caused by periodontal disease.

This is important because the sooner we are able to detect periodontal disease the better we are able to treat it. Dental Implants Virginia Beach and other dental work requires X-Ray images to help us understand and see what we are dealing with underneath the surface of your teeth. One of the best benefits of having X-Ray images taken is the ability to detect and see potential cysts and oral cancer. Images can help us detect cancer early on before it spreads too far throughout the mouth.

Digital X-Rays Virginia Beach