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Dental Fillings Virginia Beach


If a cavity is severe or in an obvious location, you may want to get Dental Fillings Virginia Beach for cosmetic reasons. However, the main purpose of getting a filling is to restore the tooth shape and functionality. A tooth filling also prevents the decay from spreading further into the tooth.


The first step in our dental filling process is to numb the area that may be affected so that you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. The area of concern will then be gutted out with a handpiece until all of the decaying area is removed. The filling is then molded onto the tooth using a flexible band to help with shaping of the new tooth surface.

Composite Resin Fillings

Before the composite resin is placed onto the tooth, we use a solution to chemically smooth and prepare the surface. Once the surface is prepared, the resin is applied in a series of layers until the entire space is filled. Layer by layer the resin is hardened using a special curing light to ensure that the layers are solid. The tooth is shaped and final adjustments to the surface are made, and then the bite is inspected to make sure the new shape is not interfering with the bite. After the bite is checked, we polish and smooth out the surface of the tooth. Resin fillings are a great option due to their superior strength. The resin directly bonds to the tooth making it a permanent fix. The resin material protects the tooth and will last with the life of the tooth itself. Another benefit of resin fillings is that we are able to match the resin color to that of your tooth, making it difficult to notice.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings require the tooth to be prepared in a similar way to that of resin fillings. The difference between amalgam fillings and resin fillings is the material and application process. Amalgam fillings use a solid silver amalgam material which is pressed into the tooth. The material is then carved and shaped to have the proper contour. The bite is then checked to make sure the filling is not interfering. Amalgam fillings last a long time and are very durable, however they are more noticeable than composite resin fillings. A tooth may need an amalgam filling depending on the remaining structure of the tooth left over after the decay has been removed.

Dental Fillings

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Post-Procedure Care

Once the procedure is over you may still have some numbness in the areas you got the filling in. Your tooth may also be sensitive due to the amount of material that was removed from your tooth. Tooth sensitivity should subside completely within a couple of weeks. If sensitivity does not decrease, come back to your Virginia Beach Dentist and we may need to adjust your filling so that it is less impacted by your bite.


Dental Fillings Virginia Beach