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Teeth Whitening Virginia Beach

Sheer White!™ Teeth Whitening

White teeth are important for you to feel comfortable about your smile. There is no point in having great teeth if you don’t keep up with Teeth Whitening and are self conscious about your teeth being yellow. Smiles are one of the first things people notice when they meet you. While it may be impossible to avoid all of the things that cause your teeth to be yellow, you can periodically have your teeth whitened to combat your teeth becoming stained. We use Sheer White Teeth Whitening Virginia Beach to restore teeth back to their whitest form, allowing you to be happy with the smile you work hard to maintain.

How does it work?

Our Virginia Beach Dentists use Sheer Whites 5 day whitening process to restore the color in your teeth. Sheer White uses a system with 20% carbamide peroxide. This solution stays active for up to 8 hours. The strips we put on your teeth stay on for a longer period of time, but work much better than traditional whitening strips. Sheer White is the most advanced whitening strip currently on the market, the results truly are amazing. The design allows the strips to easily stay attached for two hours, until it is time to take them off.

Benefits of Sheer White!™

Our Sheer White whitening strips are easy to apply and use, and typically stay on much better than other brands. The Sheer White strips will shape to the form of your teeth, and prevent leakage better than other strips. The best thing about the strips we use are they are almost unnoticeable. they aren’t distracting and don’t take up too much space around your mouth. The strips are designed so that you can still do your day to day activities without interference.

Sheer White Teeth Whitening Virginia Beach